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These are stories from 2 Chronicles 10 - 36 told in a little different way from the text of the NKJV. After the story, most of the time there are some discussion questions that will aide in bringing life lessons to the Pathfinders and make the scripture apply to each one personally. After the discussion questions, a few PBA questions are usually included from the passage of scripture in the story (though some questions cover the NKJV text and may not have been in the story just told). These worships are designed to be 8 - 10 minutes, but can be adjusted depending on the time available. A cover sheet on each story gives some information that might help in selecting a story.

You can adapt the discussions as best fits your needs, the discussion questions are included for when you may not have time to fully prepare a worship. The goal is to help each of us think about lessons that God has for us in 2 Chronicles. I pray that each person participating in PBA this year will be drawn closer to God and will have their heart knowledge enhanced as well as their brain knowledge.

As you study, I am sure you will see many ways the stories of 2 Chronicles teach important lessons for us that will help us be closer to Jesus and see His will fulfilled in our lives. Please take a few minutes and write a worship to share with the rest of the clubs who are participating in PBA. God may have a blessing for us that He wants to impart through you.

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