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Suggestions for Study

  • Team members can study on their own at home, in their car, waiting after school, etc.
  • Parents, siblings, friends, grandparents, neighbors, etc. can easily help team members by reading through questions with them.
  • Someone can read questions onto a tape, and team members can listen to and answer them on their own at any time.
  • Pairs of team members can quiz each other.
  • For team-wide practice sessions, the leader can ask questions in random order. Don't forget to start with the words “according to Matthew” chapter and verse as at the events.
  • Study questions in different orders, i.e. first verse to last verse, last verse to first verse, or completely random.
  • Make up other types of games or quizzes. The questions elsewhere on this site can be a source of material for a wide variety of games.
  • Consider other ways to word each question.

Other Techniques

  • Play study games, such as
    • Bible Jeopardy from Bobby Berglund (Triadelphia)
    • Bible Baseball
    • Memory
  • Write sections of scripture long-hand
  • Study with online quizzes (such as the one on the Cascade Eagles website under Helpful Web Sites)
  • Create custom lessons in typing tutor programs, such as "Mavis Beacon" or "Jump Start Typing." Materials could include lists, passages of your assigned chapters (I suggest including the chapter and verse numbers), paragraphs from the Bible commentary, or other elements to be memorized.
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