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Hi, I enjoy PBA and think it can be a great asset to Pathfinders in learning how to study God's Word and reinforcing the habit of daily Bible study. I have in years past helped the Highland Warrior Pathfinder Club's team in Portland, Tennessee study for PBA events. I have learned so much helping in the studying and while creating practice questions that I have been truly blessed. I pray that all Pathfinders will grow closer to God as they study His word and begin to understand some of the lessons God has for them in the Bible. I also hope that they will see that there are truths for them personally in God's Word. If you have any comments or questions about the material I have uploaded feel free to contact me at Any errors I have made in the questions I will try to correct as soon as possible. It seems like every time I proofread something I've done I find an error, so don't hesitate to point out any mistakes. Mike King (email:

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