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Suggestions for Study

  • Team members can study on their own at home, in their car, waiting after school, etc.
  • Parents, siblings, friends, grandparents, neighbors, etc. can easily help team members by reading through questions with them.
  • Someone can read questions onto a tape, and team members can listen to and answer them on their own at any time.
  • Pairs of team members can quiz each other.
  • For team-wide practice sessions, the leader can ask questions in random order. Don't forget to start with the words “according to Matthew” chapter and verse as at the events.
  • Study questions in different orders, i.e. first verse to last verse, last verse to first verse, or completely random.
  • Make up other types of games or quizzes. The questions elsewhere on this site can be a source of material for a wide variety of games.
  • Consider other ways to word each question.

Other Techniques

  • Play study games, such as
    • Bible Jeopardy from Bobby Berglund (Triadelphia)
    • Bible Baseball
    • Memory
  • Write sections of scripture long-hand
  • Study with online quizzes (such as the one on the Cascade Eagles website under Helpful Web Sites)
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